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Lilo On Paper "Healed"


Los Angeles based Danish Artist Lilo, creates work that embodies the beautiful essence of a woman and showcases sensuality, vulnerability, and strength. When you sit to view her work there is a wonderful whimsy in her pieces and when asked what the fundamental narrative is Lilo simply says, “Every piece and story starts with me and is a reflection of how my life is at the moment I create it. So I guess you can say the narrative is a simple version of special moments in my own life.“  Yielding subtle hints acknowledging artistic greats like Picasso and Matisse, the underbelly of her work exists in the fine lines, the playful endlessness of discovery, and the sense of recognizing and appreciating the female spirit.  


Title: "Healed"

original one of a kind

size 22x30 inches 56x76 cm

info hand drawn acrylic on 100% cotton paper 

certification original Lilo signed and titled in the back  

ships rolled up in a mailing tube